Front End Developer Intern (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Apply for this post, If you possess:

  1. Experience withJavaScript APIs and tooling, state management, accessibility, performance, and security, typescript, frontend frameworks (ideally React), CI/CD tooling
  2. High level of user empathy, propensity to challenge presumptions, independence, openness to criticism, and comfort with technical complexity
  3. Familiarity with React Native and/or Web Extensions
  4. An excellent attention to detail, solve problems and quick to resolve any query.

We highly recommend you apply only if you have worked and/or exposure in the Blockchain/web 3.0 space.

Role-specific Skill Set:

  1. Capability to collaborate directly with the team to identify customer demands, and develop high-impact features for the product while promoting established engineering standards.
  2. Work with the design team to examine several approaches to problem-solving while assessing implementation intricacy, user experience, and product impact.
  3. Daily front-end code documentation, performance profiling, and performance optimization
  4. Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code
  5. Continually evaluate and enhance app performance
  6. Assure a high-quality outcome, maintain code and create automated tests.
  7. Assess and forecast user behaviour, offer advise and direction on how to conduct UX research methodology and testing activities.

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