Product Manager (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Apply for this post, If you possess:

  1. Technical proficiency (financial acumen is a plus) and a track record of working well with engineers and communities
  2. Ability to lead technological teams, have a firm grasp of blockchain, Web3, NFT, DeFi, and be flexible enough to adjust to rapidly changing situations.
  3. Ability to prosper in a variety of asynchronous work environments and intellectually curious to move fast with strong problem-solving skills
  4. Working knowledge of Agile/Scrum and sufficient expertise to know when to improvise

We highly recommend you apply only if you have worked and/or exposure in the Blockchain/web 3.0 space.

Role-specific Skill Set:

  1. You will serve as a crucial resource for resource allocation across the stack and serve as a liaison between engineering and product across many time zones.
  2. Play a vital part in the planning of product features, assist in driving the product roadmap, and collaborate closely with engineering to guarantee successful delivery.
  3. Read the project specs, make milestones and a roadmap, establish tasks, assign priorities, and more in close collaboration with the technical lead.
  4. With the help of important internal and external governance points, monitor and report on the performance product features.
  5. Provide a high level of transparency, extensive communication, and documentation.
  6. Thoroughly investigate and comprehend the blockchain ecosystem and technology to define new features and the strategic operations for protocol.
  7. Establish strategic alliances and steer required contract discussions.

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