Digital Marketing Manager (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Apply for this post, If you possess:

  1. Strong analytical skills, hands-on experience in managing data, advanced proficiency with Excel and familiar with Twitter analytics, google analytics, and other social media handles in Blockchain/web 3.0 space.
  2. Proven marketing experience and a thorough familiarity with concepts of SEO and SMO
  3. Proactive with a strong business mindset in multi-channel marketing and community-building program.
  4. Understanding of user acquisition metrics and analytical ability to provide a summary of metrics

We highly recommend you apply only if you have worked and/or exposure in the Blockchain/web 3.0 space.

Role-specific Skill Set:

  1. Develop marketing and community-building strategies and orchestrate our presence on social media handles likeTwitter ( key social media platform ), Medium, Facebook, Telegram, and YouTube.
  2. Define the roadmap for the different products of the Pandora Ecosystem for marketing, partnership and outreaches and establish KPIs
  3. Create go-to-market strategies and Implement several marketing strategies, such as branding and positioning, social and community marketing, influencer marketing, events, and networking.
  4. Run competitor analyses, keyword analyses, and plan, execute and spread the SEO best practices across the team.
  5. Working closely with a team of passionate community leaders (who are working on the events at the ground level) and make sure that the campaigns deliver on the guilds’ marketing and brand awareness goals.
  6. Use various social media tracking tools to identify key target audience segments with the highest ROI rates and the most active engagements on our posts and tweets.
  7. Test different digital marketing initiatives to achieve respective campaign performance targets
  8. Provide input into creative development and make data-driven decisions
  9. Content creation, write engaging and insightful tweets and medium articles to grow brand awareness, community engagement, and followers.
  10. Identify and outreach to influencers with target audiences that will resonate with our messages and content. Record and report on the performance of influencer campaigns with a heavy focus on optimizing for ROI.
  11. Weekly reporting of our social media accounts, focusing on key metrics such as post engagement, organic growth, paid growth.

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